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What Are The Safety Measures For LNG Filling?

Mar. 06, 2019

Tank filling is also critical for tank safety issues. If the LNG Storage Tank is not properly charged, it will cause stratification of the LNG storage tank and cause tumbling, resulting in rapid evaporation or leakage of a large amount of LNG, causing a safety accident. LNG Vehicle Cylinder Supplier will explain to you today the following basic principles should be followed during the filling of LNG storage tanks:

1) When the density of newly filled LNG is higher than the density of residual LNG in the tank, it can be filled by the top loading method; when the density of the newly charged LNG is smaller than the density of residual LNG in the tank or the density of the two is relatively close, The bottom method can be used.

2) Filling with a porous nozzle and a porous tube can achieve the purpose of sufficient mixing.

3) The circulation of liquid from the bottom of the tank to the top of the tank is achieved by using a centrifugal cryopump in the tank.

4) Take effective measures to make the nitrogen content of LNG not exceed 1%, and pay attention to the change of gasification rate in real time.

5) Agitator can be used for agitation if needed.

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