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Common Problems with Pressure Vessels

Jul. 17, 2019

Lng Cylinder Supplier to share with you the common problems of pressure vessels.

1. Cracks in pressure vessels: Cracks in pressure vessels are a major threat to the safety of pressure vessels. The development of microcracks can lead to the development of fatigue and corrosion cracks, and it is easy to cause the brittle failure of pressure vessels.

2. Deformation of pressure vessel: After the pressure vessel has been working for a period of time, deformations such as depressions, bulges, and expansions may occur in the whole or part of the vessel, which will seriously affect the normal and safe use of the vessel.

3. Corrosion of pressure vessels: For pressure vessels, especially for chemical applications, such as Cryogenic Storage Tank China, electrochemical corrosion is prone to occur due to the long-term contact of the metal material of the vessel with the chemical medium. Corrosion of the outer wall of the pressure vessel is mainly caused by environmental factors. In the wet state or the state where the moisture is accumulated, the pressure vessel bracket portion and the contact position of the container with the surface water surface are prone to corrosion.

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For the various safety impacts of pressure vessels, scientific, accurate and detailed inspections should be carried out to ensure the safe and safe use of Cryogenic Transport Trailers. At present, the detection of pressure vessels is mainly realized by non-destructive testing technology which has little influence on the use of pressure vessels. The technical means mainly include ultrasonic testing technology, radiation detecting technology, magnetic memory detecting technology, infrared detecting technology, and eddy current testing. Wait.

At present, the widely used detection technology is X-ray detection, which mainly uses the radiation to have different absorption levels after being penetrated into the pressure vessel to determine whether there is an internal defect. It has a significant effect on the inspection of pressure vessel welds and defect damage in the casing material.