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How To Avoid Problems When Using Cryogenic Movable Tank

Mar. 25, 2019

For some knowledge of Cryogenic Movable Tank, everyone has a preliminary understanding, especially the safety aspects. Cryogenic Movable Tank is mainly used for the storage of some gases, in order to avoid some problems in its use, as a LNG Transport Trailers Manufacturer, we have the following suggestions for the use of Cryogenic Movable Tank :

1. Regularly analyze the concentration of acetylene in liquid oxygen, and control the concentration below 0.1×10-6, otherwise liquid oxygen should be discharged;

2. When using Cryogenic Movable Tank for liquid oxygen sealed storage, someone must monitor the pressure to prevent overpressure;

3. Liquid oxygen should not spill onto unprotected skin to avoid severe frostbite;

4. When the sump has drained all liquid but cannot be heated immediately, all valves must be closed immediately. Because the temperature inside the tank is very low, the humid air will invade the inside through the connected pipes, causing an accident in which the ice blocks the pipeline.

Excellent characteristics of cryogenic storage tanks:

1. The production of Cryogenic Movable Tank adopts advanced internal thermal insulation structure design, which has higher thermal insulation performance and reliability than traditional structure. It can ensure the long-term vacuum life of the storage tank by using the independent vacuum pumping process and vacuum helium mass spectrometer. The static evaporation rate is superior to the industry standard requirements.

2. The Cryogenic Movable Tank uses an innovative modular piping design that is compact, centralized and easy to operate.

3. It has a unique lateral support and lifting lugs for transportation, which is convenient for safe lifting and transportation of storage tanks.

Cryogenic Movable Tank