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What Are The Precautions For Using Cryogenic Storage Tank?

Jan. 02, 2019

Cryogenic Storage Tank is a widely used equipment, also known as liquid nitrogen storage tanks or concentrated oxygen storage tanks. It plays an important role in industrial production. However, as a container for storing liquid nitrogen, his risk factor is relatively high, so this requires us to pay attention to some problems in the daily use process.

1. When we use the Cryogenic Storage Tank, we must read the instructions carefully. When we use the same new things, we often ignore the instructions, and always rely on the subjective thinking of the person. . But experience tells us that we should read the instructions first, because there are many problems on the above that are summarized and emphasized by the experts. So first read the instructions.

2. We must pay attention to the surrounding environment when we use it. It is well known that liquid nitrogen is a chemical that will rapidly cool when exposed to air. Once it leaks into the air, it will quickly cool down. Above the skin of our body, it can cause damage to our bodies. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the surrounding environment, and we can also find out whether liquid nitrogen leaks. There is also a surrounding environment that cannot be too hot or used in high-altitude areas, as this will cause the air pressure in the tank to change and burst, causing damage.

3. The best way to use the Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank is with professional training or accompanied by a professional person. Some people don't know that we must have a professional certificate when using cryogenic storage tanks before we can get on the job. Not only for personnel. For countries with liquid storage tanks, there are also relevant regulations. We must follow the requirements of the Safety Rules for the Use of Cryogenic Liquid Storage and Transportation Equipment.

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