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What Are The Main Components And Characteristics Of Cryogenic Storage Tanks?

Mar. 01, 2019

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the use of a large number of Horizontal Cryogenic Tanks in daily work and life, although playing an important role, but due to the wide application of low temperature storage tanks, also generated a large number of safety hazards, so In the process of manufacturing cryogenic storage tanks, we must thoroughly analyze and master the main components and characteristics, and take measures to avoid common problems. Today Liquefied Natural Gas Cylinders Exporter will tell you about the main components and characteristics of cryogenic storage tanks.

1. The diversity of cryogenic storage tank structures

Because of its wide application range, cryogenic storage tanks are not only suitable for petroleum and chemical industries, but also for pharmaceutical, smelting and food industries. Therefore, the structure and product parameters of cryogenic storage tanks are diverse.

2, low temperature storage tank manufacturing involves a variety of disciplines and majors

The manufacture of cryogenic storage tanks not only includes metallurgy, mechanical processing, welding, heat treatment, etc., but also the application of non-destructive testing, anti-corrosion, safety protection and other knowledge. Therefore, the manufacture of cryogenic storage tanks requires coordination and cooperation of various disciplines and professions. Only then can it be completed smoothly.

3, high quality requirements

Due to the extremely complex application environment of cryogenic storage tanks and a wide variety of internal media, we must strictly comply with relevant standard specifications, improve manufacturing levels, ensure the safety of cryogenic storage tanks, and provide safe and stable operation for cryogenic storage tank users. Guarantee.

4, extremely strict design requirements

Compared with ordinary mechanical products, cryogenic storage tanks not only require high chemical equipment design concepts, but also require designers to have extremely computer software operation technology. Only when both of them are available can they be quickly and accurately carried out. The manufacture of cryogenic storage tanks.

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