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Heat Treatment Problem in Pressure Vessel Design

Aug. 01, 2019

Through the heat treatment, the metal properties of the pressure vessel material itself can be effectively improved, and after the welding operation of the pressure vessel is completed, the heat treatment is carried out to reduce the welding residual stress, and the performance of the welded joint is comprehensively improved to ensure the actual use process. Medium pressure vessels are safer. Next, LNG Vehicle Cylinder Supplier will talk about heat treatment.

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Heat treatment specifically means not affecting the shape and chemical properties of the workpiece but changing the microstructure of the metal to ensure that the workpiece can meet specific physical and mechanical properties.

1. Heating

In terms of heat treatment, in order to ensure the quality of heat treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to the heating temperature. The actual selected heating temperature must take into account the heating material and purpose and change as it changes.

2. Insulation

After the surface temperature of the metal material meets the standard requirements, it should be kept for a specific time, thereby reducing the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the material to achieve temperature uniformity. In the whole process, the fibrous structure of the metal material will undergo fundamental changes to ensure better performance of the material.

3. Cooling

Due to the differences in the processes taken, the speed of metal materials in cooling is also very different. Affected by different rates of cooling treatment, different physical properties of the workpiece can be obtained to ensure that it can be more flexibly applied in chemical products under the specific conditions.

LNG Storage Tank Supplier reminds everyone that in the process of designing pressure vessels, technicians must fully consider the material properties, effectively improve and improve the heat treatment process, and achieve an overall improvement in the quality of pressure vessels.

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