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The Problem of Initial Filling of Liquid Nitrogen in Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Jun. 28, 2019

There are two kinds of liquid nitrogen tanks: liquid nitrogen storage tank and liquid nitrogen transport tank. The storage tank is mainly used for the static storage of indoor liquid nitrogen, and should not be used for long-distance transportation under working conditions; the liquid nitrogen transport tank has a special shockproof design in order to meet the transportation conditions. In order to ensure safe use, liquid nitrogen tanks should be used to store or transport liquid nitrogen in the first time to pay attention to related matters, today Lng Cylinder Supplier will remind you to see if you do not.

The newly purchased liquid nitrogen tank should check whether the tank has quality problems before filling the liquid nitrogen and whether there is any foreign matter in the tank, and the inside is in a dry state. If all of these conditions are good, liquid nitrogen can be started to fill. Before filling, the cans should be pre-cooled and then filled. The liquid nitrogen should be filled in a well-ventilated place, usually outdoors. If it is indoors, the doors and windows must be opened to maintain good ventilation. Fill the liquid nitrogen slowly, first inject a small amount, then stop for a few minutes, then cool it and gradually fill it to the specified capacity.

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The two methods of filling liquid nitrogen are as follows:

The filling of liquid nitrogen is a pressurized injection method, in which a flexible hose is connected from a large liquid nitrogen container opening the liquid valve, and liquid nitrogen tank is directly filled with liquid nitrogen.

The other kind is directly using the funnel casting method. It is especially important to make the end of the funnel slightly away from the neck tube so that the gas evaporated by the liquid nitrogen can escape smoothly from the gap between the funnel and the container, otherwise, the liquid will overflow from the funnel. Not only will it increase liquid nitrogen loss, but also frostbite accidents.

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