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LNG Cryogenic Cylinder Application Notes

Jun. 04, 2019

LNG storage tanks are special products for storing LNG. Since natural gas is a flammable and explosive material, we must pay special attention to its use and use it according to its rules of use to ensure safety. As Cryogenic Storage Tank Manufacturer, we think about its use should follow a few relevant rules.

1. LNG Cryogenic Cylinder is a pressure vessel equipment that requires approval before it can be installed, repaired, or modified.

2. LNG Cryogenic Cylinder advocates vacuum inspection every other year. When the LNG storage tank is a hot tank, the vacuum degree is less than 1Pa, and when the LNG storage tank is a cold tank, the vacuum degree is less than 0.5Pa (0.00375TOF).

3. When the pressure of the LNG Cryogenic Cylinder is high, there is a problem with LNG storage tanks. The heat leakage and liquid storage time of all systems should be considered. Usually, pressure relief is required when the pressure exceeds 1.1MPa. LNG Cryogenic Cylinder is long-term. The high-pressure condition affects the life of the tank sandwich vacuum.

4. LNG Cryogenic Cylinder has a lot of long-term "sweating" or frosting, and when the pressure is rising rapidly, the vacuum failure should be considered. It should be urgently treated, manually pressured, and the LNG liquid in the tank is transported.

LNG Cryogenic Cylinder