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Lng Storage Tank And Ordinary Storage Tank Comparison Characteristics

Feb. 15, 2019

Storage tanks are often used in our production, so the new storage tank of LNG Storage Tank is believed to be quickly accepted by the majority of users. The lng storage tank is safer to use than ordinary storage tanks. Lng storage tanks can be divided into: small lng storage tanks, 5-50 cubic meters storage tanks, often used for civil gas vaporization sitting, liquefied natural gas (lng) car filling, etc.; medium lng storage tanks have 50- 100 cubic meters, often used in satellite liquefaction plants, etc., is also the best alternative to general storage tanks.

1. The storage system of lng storage tank is composed of low temperature storage tank, subordinate pipeline and control instrument, but it also belongs to the category of low temperature storage tank.

2, lng tank pipelines are all austenitic stainless steel tubes. Austenitic stainless steel tubes have good low temperature properties.

3. According to different placement forms, it can be divided into vertical (lng) storage tanks. The insulation type adopts vacuum powder insulation technology. The inner cylinder and pipeline materials of the storage tank are made of austenitic stainless steel, and the outer cylinder is made of excellent carbon steel Q345R pressure. Steel plate for containers. Such a Vertical Cryogenic Storage Tank has been widely recognized for its long life and safety.

Vertical Cryogenic Storage Tank