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Eleven Considerations For LNG Transportation

Jan. 14, 2019

1. Lng Tanker Truck must follow the speed limit regulations, strictly prohibit vibration, and must not enter densely populated areas.

2. Vehicle parking must comply with safe parking regulations to prevent unnecessary accidents.

3. The tank car body is strictly prohibited from approaching the heat source, and open fire is strictly prohibited within 30 meters.

4. When carrying out pressure discharge on the way, you should choose an open area. There is no road section where fire sources and vehicle pedestrians are scarce.

5. It is strictly forbidden to beat or use the fire to bake frozen parts. The correct heating method is to use hot air to heat and thaw.

6. The operator must wear labor insurance.

7. LNG Transport Trailer must be equipped with on-board fire extinguishers for emergency use.

8. LNG is a low temperature liquid, beware of low temperature frostbite. In case of frostbite, the frostbite should be immersed in warm water of 41 °C ~ 46 °C, and should be sent to the hospital for assistance if necessary.

9. A large amount of inhalation of LNG vapor can cause frostbite, asphyxia in the lungs, and can cause death in severe cases.

10. LNG leakage can produce visible clouds. The emergency cutting process should be operated, away from open flames, heat sources, and it is forbidden to pick up the mobile phone to prevent sparks.

11. LNG burns violently and causes LNG evaporation to increase, which may cause LNG splash. Emergency evacuation and alarm should be carried out. Professional personnel should organize fire extinguishing (note that the pouring water can slow down the leakage speed when there is attachment but the water and LNG After direct contact, the explosion shock wave is remembered because the temperature difference is too large.

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