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What Are The Characteristics Of The LNG Transport Trailer Design?

Mar. 22, 2019

What are the characteristics of the LNG Transport Trailer design? Let me explain it to you today.

1. The design pressure is large, the lossless storage time is longer, and the liquid discharge speed is faster;

2. Lightweight design.

3. Optional front axle lifting function can reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel economy when empty vehicle is running;

4. Aluminum alloy side protection, aluminum alloy fender, aluminum alloy wheel load, light weight, fuel saving, beautiful appearance;

5. The whole car LED lamps, high brightness, long service life;

6. The inner rib structure is adopted, and the inside of the rib is covered with vacuum insulation cotton, and the outside of the tank will not be frosted;

7. Adopt ABS, optional car stability system EBS. Prevent vehicle rollover, increase the air brake at the rear of the operation box, the vehicle can not be started when the valve box is not closed, and improve the safety of the vehicle;

8. The rear operation box is made of aluminum alloy, the height is reduced, which is easy to operate and improves the operation safety;

9. Cryogenic Lng Tanker Truck adopts internationally advanced technology and guarantees quality.

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