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What if The Low-Temperature Tank Pressure is Too High?

Jun. 24, 2019

As an LNG Vehicle Cylinder Supplier, we have the following recommendations when it comes to low-pressure tanks. Vertical or horizontal double-layer vacuum insulation tanks for storing liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and other media are referred to as cryogenic storage tanks. When the cryogenic tank is designed, the low-temperature medium in the tank has a conductive effect, which causes the foundation soil to easily rise and cause the soil to bulge, thereby causing the foundation damage. In order to eliminate this unfavorable factor, except for the surface of the tank bottom and the base floor. In addition to the insulation measures, anti-freezing measures should be taken on the tank foundation. There are two common methods. One is to use electric or other heating systems in the base plate, that is, to make a seesaw foundation with a circulating heating system, and the other The ground floor is separated from the foundation soil by an air layer formed by overhead.

Cryogenic Storage Tank China

A common problem with Cryogenic Storage Tank China is that the pressure is too high. The vacuum and spreading method of the equipment itself, and the improper use of the low-temperature storage tank will cause the pressure of the low-temperature storage tank to be too high.

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