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What Are The Maintenance Tips For Cryogenic Storage Tanks?

Feb. 25, 2019

Cryogenic Storage Tank Manufacturer introduces you to the maintenance tips for cryogenic storage tanks?

1. The cryogenic storage tank should be pre-cooled with a small amount of liquid nitrogen before use. When the temperature inside the tank reaches the liquid nitrogen temperature, the liquid nitrogen is filled into the low-temperature storage tank. It is necessary to take care when taking a low temperature storage tank to prevent collision and squeezing. When it is not possible to drag and move on the ground, lift it up. When not in use, store the cryogenic storage tank in a dry, well-ventilated room to prevent moisture.

2, should always check the neck plug and neck plug small ditch, timely remove the ice on the neck plug, the plastic plug can not be placed on the neck plug and other substances, increase the blockade, in the use of low-temperature storage tanks. When it is found that the liquid nitrogen consumption is too fast or there is water droplets and hoarfrost in the vicinity of the neck of the low temperature storage tank, it means that the insulation function of the tank is out of regulation and liquid nitrogen cannot be retained. The specimens placed in the cryogenic storage tank should be marked well, and should be stable, accurate and fast when taken.

3. In order to prevent erosion of the tank wall, the internal cavity of the cryogenic tank needs to be cleaned once a year in the Horizontal Cryogenic Tank. Also note that cryogenic storage tanks should minimize transportation and reduce the number of open low temperature storage tanks. If you need to transport it, use a rope to fix it on the car and keep the cryogenic tank upright. Prevent falling, overturning, lying down, and try to prevent severe vibration.

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