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Popularization Of Cryogenic Dewar Cylinder Technology

Mar. 08, 2019

The use of LNG, liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, liquid argon, liquid CO2 and other cryogenic liquid becoming more widespread, with the Cryogenic Dewar Cylinder skills throughout. Equipment for storing and transporting cryogenic liquids needs to be continuously added in various industries.

Some foreign gas companies have set up joint ventures in the country since the reform and opening up. Brought air separation equipment, skills and handling. This has not only greatly improved the production of cryogenic liquids in China, but has enabled China's low-temperature storage and transportation equipment to develop rapidly and become an emerging profession. Under the broad development prospects, the time is equal, and the company has to fight skills. CRYO-TECH has established its main position in the cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment industry with its skills.

The skill level is appropriate. At present, there are not many companies in China that can independently grasp the full set of skills. The production of low-temperature storage and transportation equipment is a comprehensive skill that integrates pressure vessels and low-temperature skills.

CRYO-TECH is a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates business of various industries including energy, metal, machinery, chemical and environment. Our "made to order" approach to business has made us grow to become the leader of Horizontal Cryogenic Tank industries In China. We are continuously creating value for our clients all over the world.

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