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Do You Know How To Use Cryogenic Storage Tanks Safely? 2

May. 14, 2019

As an LNG Cryogenic Pump Factory, we continue to share tips on the safe use of cryogenic storage tanks.

2. Lightning protection and anti-static

The area of the cryogenic storage tank shall have lightning protection and anti-static grounding device. The flanges and threaded joints on the equipment, pipes and valves on the low-temperature storage tank shall be connected by metal wires, and the cross-connect resistance shall be less than 0.03 Ω.

Establishing strict system for the issuance, recycling and on-site treatment of low-temperature steel materials is the main quality assurance method for the manufacture of low-temperature pressure vessels. Especially at the manufacturing site, because the low-temperature steel and the general steel are simply turbid, if it is not strictly treated, it will leave a big accident. Low-temperature steel and welding rods should be handled by special personnel. After the skill is paid, the construction personnel and relevant processing personnel should be familiar with the markings of low-temperature steel and welding rods to prevent turbidity with other steel materials. The materials must be recorded in the warehouse, and the remaining materials should be transplanted in time. The surface quality of low-temperature steel is high, and the surface of the low-temperature steel should be protected and marked with color code.

Therefore, with regard to Lng Cryogenic Cylinder, it is necessary to advance from planning, material selection, manufacturing to inspection and inspection, and non-cryogenic pressure vessels have different degrees of progress.

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