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What is the cause of LPG Semi-trailer?

Nov. 19, 2019

When some newly-purchased LPG Semi-trailers are on the road, occasionally the rear wheel of the tractor will slip on the soft road or uphill. What is the cause? How to solve it effectively?

First of all, the reason why the wheel can drive normally is that the friction between the wheel and the ground is greater than the traction force on the wheel. Then, where is the friction source? It is undoubtedly from the normal contact between the tire carrying the pressure and the road surface. The bearing pressure comes from the vehicle itself. The sum of the weight and the weight of the loaded cargo.

LPG Semi-trailers

LPG Semi-trailers

When the car is full or the car is uphill, the lever phenomenon will occur. The rear wheel of the trailer will carry the main pressure, and the front of the trailer will be slightly tilted, which may cause the drive wheel to slip. The reason why it appears on the uphill and other similar road conditions is because the tire grip is small, that is, the old driver is known as the unstoppable car.

After this problem occurs, the position of the goods pulled in the compartment can be adjusted, the goods can be placed as far as possible, and the pressure of the driving wheel can be increased, and the slipping problem can be solved in a short time.

If the vehicle is in the same type of vehicle, it is prone to the problem of slipping in the same section or similar section. It is found that the position of the traction pin is relatively high, which may be caused by the position of the traction pin. If the distance from the semi-trailer to the front of the trailer is too small, that is, the front suspension is too small, which may lead to insufficient grip on the above tires.

The old driver knows that the traction pin that affects the front suspension is welded when the vehicle is processed. It can hardly be changed after leaving the factory, and the value of the front suspension must be one of the values measured by the announcement when the user is on the house. The position must not be moved at will, what should I do?

Don't worry, as an LPG Tanker Trailer Supplier, there is actually away. The traction seat connected to the traction pin on the main car can be moved back and forth after removing the fixing bolts. Therefore, the main car should be properly adjusted without affecting the turning radius. The traction seat can also solve this problem.

Of course, if the vehicle configuration is high, or when this kind of thing is often encountered, then it is only by adding other functional devices to prevent this from happening.

ASR systems generally have two modes, engine torque control and transaxle differential control. ASR can make the vehicle more stable when cornering, without side slip;

ASR can replace the role of partial differential locks. The engine control is activated when the drive wheels on both sides of the road have little difference in the adhesion coefficient between the left and right wheels.

ASR drive anti-skid system components ASR drive anti-skid system components

In the road with a large difference in the adhesion coefficient between the left and right wheels, the differential braking function of the transaxle first brakes the skidding wheel. At this time, the torque of the engine will be redistributed, and the engine torque control function until the two wheels simultaneously slip or slip. The wheel slip rate is activated after the set the range is exceeded.

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