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What should I do with Cryogenic Semi-trailer driving a peg?

Oct. 26, 2019

  Friends who often drive out should know that tires are one of the important parts of a car and the only part of the road that comes into contact with the ground. If it is a year-round opening of urban roads, for those friends who often drive mountain roads, sharp roads, pebbles, small nails, glass fragments, and other sharp objects are everywhere. Even the driver with the best car skills, as long as the long-distance self-driving travel, can not hide the life of the tires. So what should I do when a Cryogenic Semi-trailer tire is tied as a Cryogenic Storage Tank Manufacturer? Can you unplug the nail directly?

Cryogenic Semi-trailer

Cryogenic Semi-trailer

  Cryogenic Semi-trailer tires are the most common type of nailing. When the tires are nailed, remember to never pull them out! Because the nail has been plunged into the tire, if it is pulled out directly, the tire pressure will decrease linearly, which will cause the tire to leak. If you don’t pull it out, you may not be leaking. If you pull it out directly, you may have a direct puncture. If you want to open it, you can’t open it.

  When a nail is placed on a car tire, it will not be seriously leaked if it is not directly pulled out, unless it is a relatively large cast of a relatively large tire. Therefore, in the absence of serious air leaks, it is possible to travel a short distance, at least to maintain the nearest repair shop. But the car owner needs to pay attention to, although the car can continue to drive, also to drive at a slow speed, wait until you open to the repair shop to stop, do not underestimate this nail as if nothing to continue to drive, no later will still,  puncture If the puncture at high speed, the consequences are simply unimaginable!

  The tires of the car are equivalent to the shoes on our feet. There are a pair of suitable shoes that can make us fly like a fly, but if the shoes are out of order, it is uncomfortable to walk, but it may wrestle or even sprain the foot. Car tires are inevitably punctured by sharp objects. Do you know how to deal with them?

  First-aid type: The most common method of tire repair is to insert a special rubber strip in the hole of the tire. The master of the tire repair shop usually calls it a gun-type tire. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is quick and convenient, it only takes a few minutes, and it doesn't need to pull the tire off the rim. The defect of the gun-type tire is not durable enough, and it is difficult to cope with the larger wound. Usually only as a temporary remedy.

  Plug-in type: paste supplement, there is also a way to repair the tire is sticky. The so-called sticking is to remove the injured tire from the steel ring. After finding the wound, a special tire rubber is applied from the inner layer of the tire to complete the trap. The advantage of this method is that it can repair large wounds. The shortcoming is still not durable enough. After a period of flooding and high-speed operation, the repairing site will leak again.

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