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You need to know about LNG Semi-trailer

Oct. 18, 2019

  In the past two years, China's LNG Transport Trailer has grown at an annual rate of more than 20%. LNG vehicles use LNG stored in automotive LNG bottles as fuel. The promotion of LNG vehicles meet the requirements of China's adjustment of energy structure, and the development of LNG gas supply system spare parts are huge in China. The vehicle LNG cylinder is installed in the vehicle through the support frame of the LNG cylinder. The structure of the support frame of the conventional LNG cylinder for a vehicle includes: two saddle brackets arranged at intervals, each saddle bracket includes a pair of saddles, each pair of saddles abutting and fixing each other, each saddle The top plates are all curved downwardly curved plates, and the curved plates are used to support LNG cylinders. Each saddle bracket is provided with a drawstring for binding LNG cylinders, and the ends of each strap are respectively Fixed on the two strap holders of the saddle bracket, the bottom of each pair of saddles in each saddle bracket is fixedly connected with a long connecting plate and the bottom of each connecting plate is fixedly connected On the root web, each web is used to connect with the beam in the car. Two support beams are fixedly connected between the two saddle brackets. The two support beams are located on both sides of the two saddle brackets.

You need to know about LNG Semi-trailer

LNG Semi-trailer

  Basic structure and characteristics:

  LNG Semi-trailer is mainly composed of the following four parts:

  1 high vacuum multi-layer winding insulation sandwich to reduce external heat radiation and heat conduction to the inner container;

  2 tank container for filling LNG cryogenic liquid;

  3 cans of external container, the main function is to form a vacuum interlayer with the inner container;

  4 piping system, unloading low-temperature body.

  The key part of the cryogenic liquid transport tanker is the high-vacuum multi-layer insulation layer, which is a heat insulation layer which is made of glass microfiber high-efficiency cryogenic insulation material and glass fiber composite and wound on the outer wall of the inner container. In the sub-manufacturing process of the tank body, the vacuum degree of the tank interlayer should be strictly controlled and maintained. The degree of vacuum directly affects the insulation effect of the tank body. Therefore, the tank body is provided with an adsorption device: 1 using deep cooling on the cold side of the vacuum interlayer, A molecular sieve with good adsorption performance under vacuum condition, the purpose is to adsorb the venting of various materials in contact with the vacuum interlayer to prolong the vacuum life. The adsorbent should be placed close to the inner container; the adsorbent adsorbing at normal temperature The same pdo, the purpose is to adsorb H2 dissolved in the grain boundary of the steel plate and penetrate the outer container into the vacuum interlayer to prolong the vacuum life, the adsorbent should be placed close to the outer container.

  Due to a large amount of non-condensable gases adsorbed on the surface or inside of various materials in the multi-layer insulation space, especially H2 with good thermal conductivity, they are slowly released continuously, and the vacuum in the interlayer is lowered and the thermal insulation performance is improved. Reduced, this is replaced by CO2 gas. At the same time, the heating can accelerate the desorption of the adsorbed gas, increase the velocity of the gas molecules permeating between the layers and the gap along the layer gap, so the CO2 is charged and then heated.

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