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What should I do if the Liquid Co2 Semi Trailer is overhauled?

Dec. 10, 2019

As a Cryogenic Liquid Tank Factory, I would like to share with you how to deal with the accident encountered during the maintenance of the liquid Co2 semi-trailer. There is such a saying among truck drivers that one driver is equivalent to half a maintenance worker. Although the younger generation of drivers now knows less about the vehicle than the older generation of drivers, the vehicle will also repair itself when it encounters problems. However, no matter in daily inspection or maintenance, there are dangers everywhere. Inexperienced hands without experience, or neglecting some minor problems, may cause indelible damage to the vehicle. Today's old driver story comes to talk to you about the accidents encountered by friends around you during maintenance.

Liquid Co2 Semi-Trailer

Liquid Co2 Semi-Trailer

Inspection before leaving the car is essential, including tire inspection. I believe that many card friends have had such an experience. Look at the tires with a hammer or crowbar to see if there are any problems.

In addition to checking the tires, sometimes there will be many sudden problems when driving on the road. Some drivers will choose to stop and check. At this time, remember to tighten the handbrake! And place the triangle wood!

Drivers who drive the Liquid Co2 Semi-Trailer often need to jack up the box when unloading or during maintenance. Many drivers drill directly into the box for maintenance without lifting the box, but the vehicles do not know when the problem will occur Dozens of tons of cargo containers were pressed down, and people were between the cargo containers and the beams. The consequences were unimaginable.

Excessive water temperature is also a common problem when driving. Many drivers will choose to check by themselves, add coolant, etc. Remember to wait for the car to turn off, and then turn it on after cooling down! I have heard of many cases of "scalded by the sprayed coolant when you open the water tank cover", from the scalding of your hands and arms to the scalding of your face. It is very scary. Everyone must be careful.

Many people find it alarmist. In fact, there are countless such cases around us. Safety alarm bells are ringing. No one knows which one will come tomorrow or unexpectedly. All we can do is to be careful everywhere, drive safely, and be careful of details when servicing the vehicle yourself. Issues to protect the lives of yourself and others.

I would also like to remind everyone that there are so many electric roads on trucks today. Drivers cannot solve many problems by themselves, so we are not encouraged to repair them by ourselves. Blind hands may cause the deaf to be dumb, which will cause indelible damage to vehicles. damage. Therefore, if a vehicle encounters a problem, it is best to go to a service station and have a professional repair it.

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