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How is the spare tire of LNG Semi-trailer maintained?

Dec. 17, 2019

LNG Semi-trailer can be used to pull simple cargo, and it can also transport engineering equipment, which brings us a lot of conveniences. There will be spare tires on the semi-trailer, and the maintenance of the spare tires on the semi-trailer is usually required. Details are as follows :

LNG Semi-trailer

LNG Semi-trailer

1. Although the spare tire is not often used, it is also necessary to regularly check the spare tire, mainly to check whether the spare tire is worn, how the tire pressure is, and replace it in time if there is a problem.

2. Be aware that spare tires also have a time limit. The life expectancy is about 4 years. If the time is longer, the phenomenon of aging will occur, and it can not be used.

3. The main component of the tire is rubber, so do not put spare tires and oil products together to prevent the spare tires from being corroded by oil products. Sticking the spare tires to oil products will reduce the life of the tire.

The auxiliary pier is an additional safety barrier for container semi-trailers. In the design process of semi-trailers, most designers believe that the use of two over 25 tons of outriggers can fully meet the requirements of the semi-trailer under no-load or heavy-load conditions, when it is connected to or disconnected from the tractor, and when it is stationary. The weight of 40 tons is required to carry gravity and impact force. As a user, based on the following two actual accident cases during the semi-trailer operation process and improving the safe driving of the semi-trailer, the designer is required to consider setting up an auxiliary buttress between the two legs.

(1) Example 1: Under the condition of heavy load and unhanging, due to the uneven ground, the two legs are not uniformly stressed, the inner gear of the outrigger fails suddenly, and the tooth sweeping phenomenon occurs. All the connecting bolts between the frames were cut tangentially; eventually the front half of the semi-trailer suddenly collapsed.

(2) Example 2: After the tractor is mounted on the LPG semi-trailer, because the safety pin on the tractor's tray is not completely reset, the tractor pin suddenly detaches from the tractor's tray during the driving of the semi-trailer, causing the front half of the semi-trailer to collapse suddenly.

(3) Fortunately, the auxiliary buttresses of the two semi-trailers involved in the accident helped to prevent the vicious accident of the tank body being damaged by the front head directly hitting the ground.

As one of the above accident cases shared by LNG Transport Trailers Manufacturer, one of them was that the semi-trailer was driving too fast during the turn of the highway approach bridge. The concrete railing and light pole swept the tank rail and the left valve box and turned it over directly. The bottom of the bridge; the gas-liquid phase emergency shut-off valve and the loading and unloading ball valve in the integrated structure of the box, because the liquid phase port is cut at the flange connection flange part, the gas phase port flange connection bolt is partially broken, the flange and the assembly are bent, Leakage of the nozzle leads to fire; due to the complex environment and cracks at the site, the structure of the leaked part is unsuccessful. Finally, the fire fighting water cooling control method of the tank was adopted and the LNG in the tank was completely burned out. We also have Liquid Oxygen Pump For Sale, welcome to consult.